Impulsive Recklessness

Last night I had the pleasure of playing fellow go twitter friend goBum. For our first game against one another, I thought it was exciting and a lot of fun. Afterwards though, we were severely reminded of the numerous mistakes that occurred throughout the game. Of the two of us though, I would have to say that my play was probably the most shameful. Haha. And if you’re wondering what kind of moves I’m talking about, I mean the whole gamut of making empty triangles that are thank you moves along with playing impulsive moves that are the equivalent of passing. Needless to say, I got what I deserved when it came to verbal bashing. Haha. xD

Since I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to also show the game to sensei today. As I expected, the feedback wasn’t much better from his end either. Haha. However, he pointed out a critical flaw in my play: I still play from a pressured player mindset. In other words, I get so entangled in myself that I fail to analyze the board correctly. I fail to separate myself from what is happening on the board. Instead of calm analysis of what’s going on, any slight deviation from what I expected led to me feeling like it as a personal failure instead of a simple change on the board to be accounted for. As a result, the impulsive and reckless moves that plague my game are inevitable.

To separate myself from the game when I play… What a cumbersome obstacle I have in my way…