Canadian Go League

So it’s official. I’ve joined the Canadian Go League and will be participating in their Round 13-5! For those wondering what it is, it’s essentially an online tournament that is played using KGS and is completely free to participate in! They seem to have a wide range of players and have also done a great job breaking players up into appropriate divisions.

As I look at the roster, there are quite a few familiar names; but unfortunately we are all in different divisions. I’m curious to see how it goes since this is a league where matches are scheduled ahead of time, and hopefully this will be a bit more accommodating to my schedule. In addition, I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with Canadian overtime rules. I’ve only played it once or twice in the past and have yet to feel comfortable playing with it. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to it! And inn case you are wondering, yes I plan on posting every game with my thoughts and comments after each match. =D

Many thanks to Eric (@Oolong4Go) for sharing this with me and getting me to join!