Friday Go Forward: Week 33

Friday Go Forward: Week 33


This has been pretty hectic in regards to work and life in general; but for some reason I still managed to convince myself that I needed to increase the scope of my training to be far more vigorous. So as you’ll notice below, the regimen has spiked quite significantly. And the fun part of all of this is that the training regimen is still far from complete. xD Anyhow, for now I think it will be enough if I manage to survive my training regimen without burning out. Once I’ve gotten acclimated to it, then I will be looking for ways to improve it once again. Hope you all have had a good week!


  • KGS - 5 games
  • Tygem - 5 games
  • DGS - 1 ongoing game
  • Nova - 2 ongoing games

Daily Training

  • Life & Death Routine (Magic Baduk Go on iPhone)

    • 300 Beginner Problems -
    • 50 Intermediate Problems
    • 25 Advanced Problems
    • 10 Expert Problems
  • 10 Pages of Jump Level Up 2

  • 25 Problems from the Get Strong at Go Series.
  • Play at least one game per day.

Reading Material

  • Working on Commented Games by Lee Sedol - Volume 2.
  • Working on Get Strong at Invading.
  • Working on Jump Level Up 2.
  • Started working on Get Strong at Tesuji.