October 2013 Bonus Review - Game 1

Credit to Zeasonal

October is upon us and the time for trick or treating is here! Luckily for you, I have yet to come up with any imaginative ways to prank my readers. So until I do, looks like you’ll be stuck with treats of extra game reviews for this month! xD

As I mentioned before, I joined the Canada Go League* recently and so I thought it would be appropriate if I reviewed my games that I played as part of this bonus material. So to start of this month’s bonus game reviews, we will begin with the first game I played in the Canada Go League.

* A little background on the game and structure of the league. All the games are even, and the color that each player plays is determined based on the rank that you submit to the league (or your real life rank if you are part of the Canada Go Association). And since I’m a big skeptic of ranks being an accurate assessment of one’s strength, I did not even begin to think that this game would be easy since it was against a “6 kyu.” After all, you never know a player’s true strength till you actually play a game.