Monday Go Meditation: Game 36

For this week's go meditation, we continue our walk down memory lane. I am a 13 kyu this week and played a game that was very surprising for me. To put it in another sense, I had a hard time believing that I had really played such a game as a 13k! In fact, this game puts some of my games as a SDK (i.e., single digit kyu) to shame. Haha. It makes me wonder what has happened to my go and whether there is something to be said about how I used to play versus how I play now. So much to think about… Anyhow, I hope that you will enjoy this game and find this game as surprising as I did! It seriously is an impressive game for two 13 kyus!

One Point Lesson

When trying to kill a group, be careful not to let your groups get cut up. Otherwise you might find yourself in a dire capturing race that you cannot win.