Equipment Review: Rosewood Go Bowls with Carved Orchids

Rosewood Go Bowls with Carved Orchids

Description: These are size 16 go bowls that are made of beautiful rosewood and have carved orchids on the lid to really give it a unique touch to them!

Product Details

Title, Rosewood Go Bowls with Carved Orchids
Product, Go Bowls
Material (Bowls), Rosewood
Product Dimensions, 6.3 inches x 3.9 inches (width by height)
Weight, 1.9 lbs.
Vendor, GoGameGuru


What’s the best aspect about this product?

  • The orchid engraving on the lids!

What is the weakest aspect of this product?

  • Can’t really say that there’s anything weak about the product, but I would say I might have preferred kitani style bowls with the engraving. Just a personal preference though. xD

Is it durable?

  • Seems like it would hold up to normal usage, but I would be wary of letting it topple off of a high shelf onto cement floor.

Bottom Line

  1. Beautiful and gorgeous bowls that will comfortably hold any standard size go stones.
  2. The orchard engraving is a great touch that really helps to give it a nice touch.
  3. Totally worth it for those who want a bit of art along with their go bowl.

What I Was Hoping For

A beautiful set of rosewood orchid-engraved bowls that would hold my size 36 glass stones perfectly!

My Review

As my first artistic go bowl set, I was really excited when it finally came in the mail.

Here it is. Ahhh.. Can't wait to see what's inside!

Isn't that beautiful? Man...

When I opened the box, I was really pleased to see that it was packaged really well so that nothing would be damaged in transit. A+ for their packing job!

Out of the package and into the real world!

When you open it up, you can see they have the standard packaging beads to prevent any weird odors.

Here are the bottom of the bowls. Though the right one has a streak, it's just part of the wood coloring and not due to damaging. I think it adds character. =D

And here are the bowls filled with my size 36 glass stones! Woot!

At the end of the day, they do the job they were intended to do: hold go stones. =) They just do it with a bit of flair since they have the orchid engraving. Haha. But if you have any interest in owning bowls like this, I would highly recommend them!

Where Can I Buy It?

  • GoGameGuru - $69.00 (shipping and handling not included)

Last Updated on January 5th, 2014