Friday Go Forward: Week 50

Friday Go Forward: Week 50


It’s been great getting to slowly have go pick up in my life again. Starting with the go workshop I volunteered at the mall last weekend, it’s been a little tumultuous since I’m dealing with old habits that have plagued me for quite some time; however, I’m glad to be back into it and trying to work through it. Just taking it one move at a time…

Training Regimen

  • Step #1: Do 10 go problems a day. (Estimated time: 5-10 minutes)


  • KGS - 0 games
  • DGS - 2 ongoing games
  • OGS - 5 ongoing games + 3 finished games


  • Worked on Graded Go Problems for Dan Players - Volume One: 300 Life-and-Death Problems.
  • Worked on Life and Death Problems 1 - Basics by Robert Jasiek.