Monday Go Meditation: Game 43

For this week's meditation, I am featuring my first long game that I played after being on break from them for a long time. It's an interesting game that illustrates how to properly chase and harrass a weak group while taking profit and learning to restrain the urge to kill. Hope you enjoy this new feature and enjoy the review!

One Point Lesson

Learn to relish in taking profit over killing a group is essential to getting stronger.

Note: I have started integrating questions into the game review to hopefully add a more dynamic aspect to the game reviews and make them more enjoyable for you and give you some practice as well. And just to be clear, the questions and answers come from my abilities and understanding of the game; so there is definitely room for debate on the answers.

A special thanks goes out to my friend Nate who gave me the encouragement and words of support needed to finally get me back into playing long games again.