A Fresh Start

As I’ve been playing games here and there, I realized something: I’ve completely lost my sense of creativity. And while that might seem slightly odd since I’m talking about a game as opposed to something artistic, it’s not as weird as you may think.

This dawned on me primarily when I was going over Gu Li and Lee Sedol’s second game from their jubango (which is coming next week), and I just realized how rigid my fuseki has been lately. I got so comfortable and expected certain responses that the opening became more of a ritual than anything else.

I remember looking back at my old games and being so surprised at how adventurous I was. In one game when I was a DDK, I even had the audacity to try a 5-4 opening. Hahaha. So with today being the first day of March, I’ve decided that it’s time for a fresh start. I plan on approaching the game from a new perspective and with an open mind and break away from my conventional play! Ikuzo!