Monday Go Meditation: Game 47

For this week's go meditation, the primary theme is illustrating how to bounce back after failing to kill a group. I'm sure that most players have encountered this scenario multiple times. Think about the numerous times you thought your opponent was going to die in your influence, only to have your opponent suddenly live. It can be quite a hard pill to swallow. However, in this game, I'm hoping that you'll see that failing to kill a group is often a far cry from the game being over. This game contains to large hunts that should be quite entertaining. Enjoy!

One Point Lesson

Do not claim an area as “yours” when playing a moyo/power game. It will ultimately lead you to ruin since moyo/power games are about flexibility and adaptation.

Update: Move 191 is an overplay by Black. If White played E17 next, Black would die and lose the game. Thanks to redditor arbokama for pointing out my mistake!