No More Cutting Corners

Up till now, my go studies have been pretty sporadic. I may have read my fair share of books and watched my fair share of videos, but I would have to say that I really never spent the time and energy really absorbing them. Sure, I was exposed to lots of new concepts and ideas; but implementing them in my games was a whole different animal.

After reading a post from fellow go blogger Noseki, I was inspired to take a new approach with my go studies by fully immersing myself in it. For example, in my game for Yunguseng Dojang, I replayed every move on the real board and really took my time to absorb each and every move (which is the reason I ended up losing on time since I completely did not pay attention to my computer which was telling me I was running out of time).

In addition, I’ve also revamped my primary study materials for books. I’m going back to the Level Up Series (starting with Level Up! Review 1 since I don’t have time to start all the way back at Level Up 1) and working my way through it with extreme thoroughness. In other words, no solution whatsoever. I will work through every problem and solve it with absolute certainty before moving on.

If I have any hope of becoming any stronger, I think that it’s finally time that I stopped cutting corners. The time for me to be knocking at the door of the dans is fast approaching, and I have no intention of letting myself be caught unawares when that time comes.