Friday Go Forward: Week 63


This week has been a great continuation of my new philosophy of gaining experience on the battlefield. I’ve always felt that experience on the battlefield was necessary, but it wasn’t until I really started taking it seriously that I’ve come to understand the depth of that fundamental truth. In fact, as a result of me playing more games (and of course losing more often), I was actually able to win my third round of Yunguseng Dojang! So within a week, I already have some proof of the method working!

As you will notice, my training regimen has been trimmed a bit. Unlike the past however, the reason I’ve decided to trim it down is not because it’s burning me out or anything of the sort, but instead it’s a matter of having some other activities I need to prioritize at the moment. And to be clear, what I write in the “Training Regimen” section is what I am requiring myself to work on everyday. When I have some extra time, then I will be doing other things as well.

Hope that all is well with everyone and that you all have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Training Regimen

  • Spend about 50% of your time playing games.
  • Complete 1 section of Level Up Review 2.



  • Level Up Review 2
  • The Theory and Practice of Shape


Lessons Learned

  • Just because you have a three in a row shape inside your opponent’s group doesn’t mean it’s dead. Seki is possible too. (-_-)
  • When you are about to start a fight, make sure that you are not at a disadvantage.
  • A ponnuki with an empty triangle is not as efficient early on as you might think.
  • Do not underestimate the power of a good extension from your thickness.