Monday Go Meditation: Game 57

Though I would have ideally preferred these games to have come out during the month of April, I'm happy to finally feature my games from Maaike's April's Challenge.* This game was Game #1 for Maaike's April's Challenge. Though this might seem like an aggressive game, I think that I was successful in learning to curb my bloodlust and let White live instead of killing and instead taking large profit in the center. Hopefully you'll agree. Enjoy!

One Point Lesson

More often than not, letting a group live in gote will yield profits.

*For those who haven’t read it, the basic challenge was to “get out of your comfort zone.” So for myself, I chose to try and play more calmly and territorially (however I had not yet studied Master Play: The Territorial Style of Kitani Minoru and Cho Chikun yet, so I tried to achieve it based on what I knew at the time).