Thursday Go Tygem: Game 05


Before this game, I had been getting white in most of my even games and had trouble playing properly. Games were often very rushed and I could hardly play a good game as White. However, after listening to Inseong talk about his views on playing White, I gave it a lot of thought and tried to get in a similar mindset.

This game is the first game that I felt successful when playing White. Not only was my game not rushed and ill-conceived, but I felt like I was able to maintain control for most of the game. Hopefully you’ll agree! Enjoy the game.

Game Summary

1,Opening,Move 20 - I liked this extension in regards to the whole board since it seems like a proactive move., Move 9 - I am unfamiliar with this position. Need to learn more about it in the future.
2,Middle Game, Move 44 - The cap started a sequence that allowed me to take the initiative in the middle game.,Move 104 - Bad move that could have cost me the game.
3,Fighting, Move 112 - Ignoring Black to play here showed good fighting spirit., Can’t say that any of the fighting was bad for me this game. Correct me if I’m wrong though!
4,Endgame, Not Applicable, Not Applicable
5,Overall Reading, “Move 106 - Though the reading is relatively simple, I was happy that I could read it out instantly with no doubt in my mind.”,Move 104 - Worth mentioning twice. This was an overplay. I am lucky Black let me off the hook and made life instead.