Thursday Go Tygem: Game 06


This opponent was a unique one since he thought longer than I did and took his time. He actually ended up in byoyomi early on in the game and used most of his byoyomi time which is really weird for Tygem since most players I’ve encountered play pretty quickly and I’m the one usually running out of time. Overall though, I felt that I was in control for most of the game. Hopefully you’ll agree! And if I’m totally wrong, please let me know!

Game Summary

1,Opening,Move 9-11: Ignoring White in the upper left was good in that I did not unnecessarily strengthen my opponent by trying to struggle.,”Other than the inconsistency of Move 21, I don’t see any egregious errors in regards to the opening.”
2,Middle Game,Move 39-63: It felt like I did a good job attacking White while gaining nice 4th line territory on the right.,Can’t see any major mistakes at the moment.
3,Fighting,Overall the fighting seemed to be in my favor most of the game. Nothing terribly complicated.,Didn’t see any real weaknesses in my fighting this game.
4,Endgame,Move 219: Ignoring White’s atari at M1 to make an extra point showed I was not making automatic moves and trying to look for bigger plays.,Move 164: Letting what get the diagonal here first was rough.
5,Overall Reading,Move 121: I was proud to be able to read out this attachment and know it could not be cut without some loss to White.,Move 70: I could sense there was double cut aji here but failed to read it out properly.
6,Strategy,Move 81: Sacrificing the F3 group in exchange for breaking up the left side seemed to show good judgment.,”Move 21: Though successful, the 3-3 invasion seems to be contrary to my initial plan at making a moyo. So negative points for inconsistency.”