Still Deep in the Trenches

Though I wish I was already moving on with progress on the numerous things I want to do, I’m still deep in the trenches when it comes down to it. On the upside, I will say that I have been able to really gain some clarity on what I’m planning on doing. As a result, a lot of planning (and even more planning) is going on as I prepare to take off at full speed the moment all these extraneous tasks are off my back.

And though this might sound crazy to some, I’ve got a decent influx of books coming my way as I prepare for a second look at the infrastructure of the blog.

This is just the first set of books to arrive! Got two more coming!

I’ve always had a vision for how I wanted to see book reviews written and organized, so I plan to begin making it a reality as I gain the final major pillar that was missing from my collection.

On another note, I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Nate who wrote a great post today titled Don’t Break the Problem Chain. Be sure to check it out and comment if you liked it as well!

And though I haven’t been able to get on KGS as much as I used to, I hope that everyone is doing well and winning their games. Ganbatte everyone!