Journal Entry: #01

You ever have one of those days that you just start to feel like you are making no progress even though you keep trying to put one foot after another? I had one of those days today.

As anyone who has read my blog will tell you, it has slowed down considerably over these past few weeks. I initially blamed it on life getting in the way, but I was forced to take a step back today and re-evaluate whether it is really true or not.

Long story short, I’ve actually missed regularly blogging a lot. And though I set out to straighten out the rest of my life before making my return, I was shaken awake to the fact that it’ll never happen. I shouldn’t set aside things that I enjoy in lieu of trying to take care of things first. There will always be something else to take care of.

So be on the lookout for much more regular blogging as I start piecing back the parts of my life that are important to me and make me happy.

Finally, even though I have clearly been writing journal entries for quite some time, I’ve always felt that there was not enough of a distinction between my journal entries and my posts that were more essay/article-esque. So to help keep this distinction clear, this post will mark the beginning of my Journal Entry series.

Making progress!