Journal Entry: #02

As I started getting back in the swing of things, one of the things I came to realize was that I am reluctant to play any games. I’m not sure as to whether it’s because I’m worried that playing a game will cause me to disappear into another universe where time will fly by, or whether I’m subconsciously afraid of losing. Either way, it’s something I’m wrestling with at the moment.

On a more positive note though, I’ve taken back up a nice study regimen that has proven to be quite easy to maintain over the last week or so. It’s primarily problem solving at the moment, but a single step is better than none! Also, starting this Saturday, you can expect my weekly progress updates to start up again.

Finally, the Go Congress posts are progressing much slower than I originally anticipated; but I have not forgotten about them! It’s been sitting in my backlog, but it’s a burning itch that I’m constantly thinking about. So fear not, I have a plan in motion to get them up and online within the next week or so.