Monday Go Meditation: Game 65

The following game is one that I had the pleasure of playing last week thanks for Daurak. I still have some reservations about playing games, so it’s helpful to have friends who ask to play games. And just to clarify, our ranks are not accurate at the moment; so we went ahead and played an even game (although I think we accidentally did no komi). Hope you enjoy the game!

One Point Lesson

Pay attention to cutting points and weaknesses for yourself and your opponent. Doing so will often yield strategies that can lead to victory.

Game Summary

1,Opening,Move 19 - Recognizing the big point was critical in gaining the upper hand in the moyo race.,Move 39 - This was too greedy. I should have just enclosed the corner.
2,Attack and Defense, Move 99 - Getting this allowed me to get the attack needed to maintain my lead., Nothing glaring as far as I can tell.
3,Shape,Move 47 - This move I made purely from shape knowledge.,Move 93 - I wonder if there’s a better response; but I ended up with bad shape after the peep.
4,Strategy, Overall I felt I was pretty consistent for the game.,Move 39 - Must be reiterated for its greediness.
5,Overall Reading,Move 129-133 - Reading out the aji was a proud moment for me.,Move 58-69 - I didn’t realized White would be able to connect so easily.
6,Endgame, N/A, N/A

Side Note

Hey everyone. I’m glad to finally be able get Monday Go Meditation back up and running again. In a concerted effort to being consistent and making progress one step at a time, here is my revised philosophy on MGM:

For those who remember, I eventually got caught up in trying to make MGM reflective of my actual progress and tried to keep all the game commentary as current as possible. However, I’ve come to learn that this was something I could not keep up with. So rather than abandon the effort all together, I will try and keep the game commentaries as current as I can; but no promises on it being in perfect sync with my actual progress.

With that said, I’m looking forward to your insights on my games and all the great discussions to come!