Monday Go Meditation: Game 67

For this week’s meditation, we are turning back the clock to my first game at the Go Congress 2014 — Prelude! For those who need a refresher, this game was from the day I arrived in New York and was asked to play a match while we were waiting for people to arrive. It’s a fun game that shows just how you can find the opportunity to reverse a game if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and complicate things. Hope you enjoy this game!

One Point Lesson

When you’re behind, making the game complicated is your best chance at reversing the game back in your favor.

Game Summary

1,Opening,Move 9 - This pincer was the right idea., Move 11 - This attachment was just awful.
2,Attack and Defense,Nothing worth mentioning, Move 93 - This was an abysmal attack that turned out great for White.
3,Shape,Nothing significant, Nothing significant
4,Strategy,Move 101 - This attachment was the seed that gave me the aji needed to turn the game back in my favor., Move 51 - Not approaching the corner showed poor positional judgment.
5,Overall Reading, Move 163 - Being able to see that I was going to lose the capturing race and restraining myself from the potential was a key moment in the game., Move 75 - Not extending and trying to switch directions with the atari was bad reading.
6,Endgame, N/A, N/A