Monday Go Meditation: Game 69

In today's go meditation, I am glad to welcome back fellow friend and go player Bonscott. For those who don't remember, I've played a number of even games against Bonscott (even though there is a few stones difference between our ranks) and actually lost quite a few of them before. So when he challenged me to a game recently, I made sure to not underestimate him!

In terms of the game, you'll get to see the rather uncommon 3-3 opening. In addition, this is a good game for study in regards to the importance of selecting the correct strategy in conjunction with your opening moves. As you progress through the game, you will notice that Black's attempt to shift from territorial to moyo and how it results in a difficult uphill battle for Black.

Finally, in light of Halloween last Friday, I’ve included a fun life and death problem with a pretty detailed variations at the end of the game. Hope that you enjoy this game!

One Point Lesson

When choosing your strategy, keep in mind how well your opening moves will work with it.