Hello Again with GoKibitz

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and well. Been getting into some really interesting projects these past few weeks and have been really pondering what I can do with blogging again since I miss doing it. And as someone who hates it when a regular blogger just drops out of the blogosphere, you can rest assured that I won’t ever just leave the blog hanging in the event I need to close up shop for awhile.

In terms of what I’ve been up to, I’ve been tinkering again with daily regimens and playing games via DGS and OGS while concurrently juggling a new job and trying to learn a ton of new skills. I’ve gone all the way back down to the very basics of doing only 10 life and death problems a day. They’re not hard in any sense of the word, but they help me to keep a connection to the world of go.

And as a special treat for those who miss my reviews, I’ve decided to try reviewing one of my 9x9 games that I played recently on GoQuest via an awesome new social kifu reviewing software called GoKibitz that a close friend and long time rival built himself. So I hope you enjoy the review and I will try and post again soon!

UPDATE: Apparently all my comments got lost in the abyss of the internet…. Oy vey… I’ll try and get another version up soon….