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Friday Go Forward: Week 22

Friday Go Forward: Week 22


As I’m sure you all are aware, this week marks the start of my Korean Training Reboot! I am having the time of life as I’m going over the basics of all basics for the first time ever. Now I know it probably sounds stupid to some of you that I’m spending my time on books intended for 30 kyus, but I feel like I am getting a lot of value just drilling basics such as “can my stone escape from atari.” It’s not so much that I’m learning something “new,” but instead I am really trying to polish the fundamentals of my reading ability. Here’s to hoping I know what I’m doing!


  • DGS - 2 ongoing games
  • Nova - 2 ongoing games

Education & Training

  • Finished Attacking and Defending Moyos.
  • Finished on Elementary Go Series, Vol 4 - Life and Death.
  • Started and finished Level Up 1.
  • Started working on Level Up 2.
  • Worked on Modern Master Games, Vol. 1.
  • Worked on Elementary Go Series, Vol 5 - Attack and Defense.
  • Worked on Whole Board Thinking of Joseki, Vol. 1.
  • Worked on Essential Life & Death 3.

Level Up! Series - Off to a Good Start

It’s only Day 2 of my Korean Training Reboot and I’m happy to report that I am really enjoying this series. Although I could theoretically fly through most of the beginning books, I have been taking more time to be very thorough with the content. I’m hoping that this will help to reveal any inconsistencies with my basics as I work my way through the series.

In terms of progress though, I’m almost done with _Level Up! - Volume 1 _and plan to post the review in the near future. For my preliminary findings though, I’m 99% sure that this series will be awarded the best introductory series to go in my book. Although it might be written and designed for kids, I have a feeling that any adult who goes through this entire series will rise through the ranks much faster than by studying any other book.

This is just a preliminary analysis though, so I will let you know if my opinion changes when I’m done with the series. =D

Korean Training Reboot!

Just came in today!

Normally I try not to post twice in a day, but being as it is the first of July, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go ahead and post about my new training program: Korean Style Reboot!

Starting today, I will be faithfully following the Korean texts you see above everyday until I finish them all. (I’m still missing the answer book from the Jump Level Up series and the Train Like a Pro series, but I I have more than enough to start with. =D) In the meantime, I have also created a new account on Tygem (zenlotus) that will start from 18k and go as far as I can take it. I’ll still be on the other servers, but my primary focus will be on Tygem when I have the time.

And to clarify, it’s not that I won’t study any of the other books I have, it’s just that I will be making sure to spend a dedicated amount of time each day to the Korean baduk books.

Korean training reboot initiate!