Archive: 8/2013

Shattered Blade

Over the weekend, I have been giving a lot of thought to some insight that I received recently from my friend moboy78. I am paraphrasing a bit, but the bottom line message I remember was:

Your attacks are just awful. How do you expect to win any games with those sorry excuses you call attacks?

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Monday Go Meditation: Game 21

For today's go meditation, we return to even games as I show another game from my kadoban with long time friend and rival Nate. As he humorously commented after the game was over, it seems that him and I have a difficult time playing "nice games." It seems that we either have these all or nothing games that almost always end in someone going down in glorious fire. At least from my end, I don't ever intentionally try to force the game into that kind of direction; but perhaps my fighting style is what causes it. With that said, I hope you enjoy this week's game review.

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Friday Go Forward: Week 26

Friday Go Forward: Week 26


Friday Go Forward has officially half a year old! Woot! Hard to believe that 6 months have passed since I first started this weekly series, but I’m definitely glad that fellow go player Feather suggested it to me! It’s certainly been really helpful to document my own progress and force myself to evaluate how each week is going.

With that happy note said and done, this week has been a great launching point to start diving back into playing again. Though I am still finding it difficult to find the time to properly play a ranked game with proper time settings, it has been good to simply stretch my go legs once again. As some might notice in my training below, it also seems like my studying has ramped up again; but I assure you that I am definitely taking it a lot slower with my studying. I’m just simply letting the go muses inspire me as I continue my journey to gain another stone. Whatever topic comes to mind that I’m interested in is what I study. Might seem haphazard, but I’m actually having quite a bit of fun. =D


  • KGS - 4 games
  • DGS - 3 ongoing games
  • Nova - 3 ongoing games

Education & Training

  • Started and finished Level Up 10._
  • Started and finished Level Up Review 2.
  • Started and finished The Workshop Lectures Volume 1.
  • Started working on Jump Level Up 1.
  • Started working on Joseki Jeongseok Compass.
  • Started working on Get Strong at the Opening.
  • Started working on The Workshop Lectures Volume 2.
  • Started working on Takao’s Astute Use of Brute Force.
  • Started working on Vital Points and Skillful Finesse for Sabaki.

Lesson Learned

  1. Although studying and learning about theory is important, application is just as critical (if not more so) to one’s growth as well. Thanks to moboy78 for reminding me of that.