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Being Happy and Content with Your Progress

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #47

While many would probably agree that perhaps the most difficult aspect of go is the seemingly endless variations that arise throughout a game, the one aspect that I have found to be the most obstructive to people’s enjoyment of the game is a lack of “progress.”

Before we dive into this though, I want to present to you a simple question:

In a tournament where the top four contenders have been determined, excluding 1st place, which of the three places is the happiest and most content?

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Getting Back Into Go

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #46

As someone who has taken his fair share of sabbaticals from the game, one aspect that has always troubled me was how to get back into the game. After all, I had no obligation to do so and could have easily pursued other things instead.

Yet, like so many other people out there, the call of go always beckons and here I am yet again. So I wanted to write about why I’m getting back into go, in hopes that it may be of help to someone in the future.

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Monday Go Meditation: Game 73

Hello again everyone! As I start to get the ball rolling on everything again, I thought it was only appropriate to feature my game with whynotnow. Without going into too much detail, this friendly game was an important moment in my return to the game as I was still on the fence about playing at the time. And as my luck would have it, whynotnow came at the right time and place. Hope you enjoy it!

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No More Correspondence Go for Me

Correspondence go and I have always had a rollercoaster of a relationship. There were times I loved it. I mean, I could play multiple games at once and would eagerly await getting a move back from an opponent. And then there were the polar opposites when I absolutely hated it and would end up losing by time on numerous games because I would keep procrastinating my own move.

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All Systems Are Go!

Hello again everyone. As some have suspected, I am back (for real this time).

I apologize for the rollercoaster back and forth of saying I was coming back and then disappearing again for some time. While some of it was a need for mental space from the game, it was really due to a large number of other factors.

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Off In Development World...

As some of you are aware, I’ve gone off the deep end into the software development world. I’ll be taking a longer sabbatical than anticipated; but you’ll still be able to catch me for a game of go or discussion on things you can do to progress! So feel free to email me whenever and draw me out to a game on KGS whenever, because I could sure use the distraction.

Meanwhile, best of luck to everyone on their games and their progress. I definitely look forward to seeing how much everyone has grown by the time I come back! Ganbatte!

P.S. If you’d like to keep up with what I’m up to, I’ve created a new Twitter devoted to my development and UX exploits. Until then everyone!