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Book Influx

If you’re wondering whether or not that’s my personal collection of Level Up/Jump Up books, it’s not. It’s just a sneak peak of the shipment that will be coming in the near future. xD

That’s right… As if I didn’t have enough books to work on already, the chance to study Korean school texts firsthand was too much to resist. So you will be seeing firsthand as I work my way through the entire series what I think of the books and whether or not you should give it a shot.

Although this purchase would probably qualify enough for the blog post’s title, there was a go classified ad for books on sale and I ended up picking up a couple out of print books along with another Korean series called Train Like a Pro. (I know… what is wrong with me…)

My credit card might be slightly melted, but I hope it’ll forgive me because the rest of the year is looking awesome!