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How to Keep Studying Interesting

Weekly Go Wednesday, Issue #25

Credit to Gagful

Whether you like it or not, studying is one of the most important aspects of getting stronger at go. While some players are able to simply learn everything through playing and reviewing, this is often reliant on stronger players or even simple luck of figuring out what is wrong with your moves or thinking process. As a result, there is no telling how fast you will improve.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most dreaded aspects of trying getting stronger for most players. After all, it reminds us of our school days where homework and projects were a drag and no one ever wanted to do them. So, as the last installment of Weekly Go Wednesday (at least for the time being), I thought it would be best to leave you with my thoughts on how you can keep your study of go interesting so that you can continue to climb the ranks.

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Friday Go Forward: Week 7


  • KGS - 1 game ( 1 win : 0 loss )


  • Essential Life & Death (Vol. 2) - Complete
  • Go Game - Life and Death (iPad App) - Practice Phase 2 (Class 3 - 5)


  • Elementary Go Series, Volume 5 - Attack and Defense - Page 1 - 20
  • Dictionary of Basic Joseki: Volume 1 - Page 16 - 32
  • The Chinese Opening - Pages 50 - 63
  • 36 Stratagems Applied to Go - Pages 1 - 9


Overall, it’s been a rather quiet week in terms of games. In the meanwhile though, I’ve had lots of little bits of free time that have allowed me to peruse various topics that I’ve had my eye on for some time. So in terms of learning new things, it’s been a rather enriching week. I still have a lot to sort through regarding lessons that I’ve had from frozensoul, zyoda, and Myung, but I’m hoping to get to them next week so I can really solidify what they’ve taught me.