How to Print Readable Go Records

So I’m not sure who else is having issue with this, but I most certainly did. So here’s a guide on how you can print readable Go records. To make things easier, I’m going to assume you are looking to print every 50 moves.

For those who want a free method, I recommend CGoban3.

  1. After you download and cue it up, click on “Edit SGF File.”

  2. Find the game you are looking for.

  3. Use the singular right arrow button to move progress through the game.

  4. DO NOT use the double arrow buttons as that will take you to the beginning or end of the game.4. Move forth to the 50th move. In the caption box above your digital goban, you should see something along the lines of “Move 50 (W m8): Black to play”

  5. Click on Options > Number Moves

  6. Make sure your start move is 1 and the end move is 50.

  7. The “Two digits only?” is up to you when you get to the triple digits.6. Click OK.

  8. Boom. Now click Options > Print.

  9. For the next sheets, you’ll want 51-100, 101-150, 151-200, and so on.

  10. Here’s an example:

For those who have SmartGo2, I contacted their customer service (who got back to me quite promptly) and this is what you have to do.

  1. Start by opening up whichever game you want to print out.

  2. Click Edit > Insert Diagram > Split main line of game record every 50 moves.

  3. Make that the Diagrams Toolbar is on.

  4. View > Tools > Diagrams

  5. The fourth box down is where my “Find next diagram” box is.4. Then click File > Print for the appropriate sheets.

  6. As with above, here’s an example:

They also recommended a method of exporting the diagrams, but I had no luck with that as of yet.

When you compare the two, I’m sure you noticed that there’s a coordinate system on the SmartGo2 that you can print out. As far as I’m aware, you can’t do that just yet with CGoban3. Another thing I really appreciate about the SmartGo2 is the fact that it prints out all the ko’s so that record keeping is easier. This means when you’re recreating your games you’re not like, “Where is the #$%& move 119?!?!” Though this is small, SmartGo2 also automatically prints what diagram it is (e.g. 101-150).

Don’t get me wrong though, the free one works fantastic and is a great alternative for those who aren’t quite ready to drop $50 to buy SmartGo2. I’ll try and come out with the reviews for the respective softwares soon enough so you can see if it’s worth your time. Hope this helps some of you out!