Divide and Conquer

In case it hasn’t been obvious, lately my style has been a moyo style that emphasizes attacking and capturing groups to win. For today’s game, I am proud to announce my first deliberate attempt at playing a territorial style.

In terms how I feel about territorial style, I have to say that it is a very draining method of playing for me. Ultimately, in my mind, territorial style boils down to cutting up your opponent’s territory and making pockets of live groups around the board to win.

While this sounds like a rather straight-forward approach, it requires a lot of patience and calm reading in order to make sure that your opponent doesn’t succeed in capturing one of your groups (which would ultimately end in your loss). In addition, you have to try and make sure that you are maintaining a lead and not falling behind.

For my first attempt, I am happy with the results; but it’s clear that this is one of my weaker areas and will require some attention and work. Hope you enjoy the game!