Equipment Review: Go Stones and Bowls Carrying Bag

Go Bowls and Stones Carrying Bag

Overall Rating: 8 / 10 Ponnuki

Important Notice

This review is based on the bag that I received two years ago. Since then, YMImports has upgraded the carrying bag to also include bowl straps as well. With that new feature, the bag’s review would escalate to a 9 or 10 Ponnuki status.


  • Best carrying bag for go stones and bowls that I’ve seen on the market.
  • The bag is made of durable material that hasn’t shown signs of ripping.
  • The handles are a little more fragile, so be a little more careful relying on those.

Product Details

  • Travel vinyl bag with two handles and a single zipper for the top.
  • Fits standard Go bowls up to 5’’ wide and 4’’ high

Detailed Review

In my constant search for better go equipment, this bag is one of the few that I’ve seen that combines the desired functionality of providing a travel case for your stones and bowls while looking great and at a fantastic price.

Size & Weight: The stones have a solid weight to them that gives a great feeling when picking each one up and placing it on the board. They fit very well on the Shin-Kaya Board that I purchased, but keep in mind that each board is unique in what their max stone size is.

Durability: I am not transporting my stones every day, but in the last two years I’ve used them, I have seen very little wear and tear. My only real critique is that the handles seem a little bit more flimsy that I would like. However, I really can’t speak for the handles since I rarely use them due to being paranoid for the safety of my bowls and stones; but on the few times that I’ve used them, they hold up quite well.

Usability: In addition to its expected use as a carrying bag, it also functions really well as a protective case for your bowls and stones in the event you need to store them away for whatever reason.

In all honesty, this is a purchase I consider mandatory for anyone looking to purchase go stones and bowls. You will not regret making this purchase (especially with the new updated bowl straps).

Additional Photographs

Bag with Bowls and Stones (Upright Position)

Bag with Bowls Inside


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Last Updated March 30th, 2013