Equipment Review: Traveling Go Set

Traveling Go Set with Magnetic Playing Pieces

Over­all Rat­ing: 7 / 10 Ponnuki


  • Easily fits into just about any bag (except for purses possibly).
  • This is about as small as a portable 19x19 go set gets, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to find anything smaller than this set.
  • Fantastic value for the price you pay.

Prod­uct Details

  • Carrying case measures 11-7/8”L x 6-3/8”W x 1-3/8”H (30.4cm x 16cm x 3.5cm).
  • Board measures 11” x 10-3/4” (27.3cm x 28cm).
  • Stones measure 4mm tall and 13mm wide (aprox. 1/8” x 1/2”).
  • There are 180 white and 181 black stones.

Detailed Review

Size & Weight: The entire set is as light as a feather and easily fits in practically any bag (except possibly purses). To further clarify, unless you have cargo pants that have massive pockets, this is not a set you can carry around with you in your pocket. And in all honesty, who wants to play on a board that is pocket size. Can you imagine how small the stones would be?!

Dura­bil­ity: The entire set is made of plastic that should survive any normal wear and tear. Now granted, if a child decides to throw a tantrum and stomp all over it, I am pretty sure that your board will be demolished. In terms of the stones, you are far more likely to lose the stones before they ever break or crack. In addition, the magnetic board is adhered pretty well to the plastic; but any decent use of force will allow you to pull it off, so be careful.

Usabil­ity: The overall design of the set is done well and quite pleasant to use. Due to the cost of the board however, it is to be expected that the stones are sometimes a little oddly shaped or cut slightly off. This doesn’t detract from the general usage, but can be a little aesthetically irritating to some people.

Even though the set might come with a couple ill-shaped pieces with missing magnets, the value and quality of the board outmatches the price that you pay for it. Sure, there are many ways to improve the quality of the board; but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a portable go set with the quality and value of a true wood / stone go set. The purpose of this set is for recreational play during travel as opposed to serious play during tournament, so be sure to have the right expectations when you order this set.

Addi­tional Photographs

Go Set in the Box

Lid Removed

Go Set Outside the Box

Inside of Go Set with Bowls & Stones

Plastic Bowls and Stones (Separate)

Plastic Stones (Close Up)

Set in Action (Aerial View)

 Set in Action (Close Up)


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Last Updated April 26th, 2013.