A Slow and Steady Return

While I already miss the awesome weather, incredible scenery (aka awesome beaches with super clear water), and not to mention amazing food, I am glad to be back!

When I first left for my vacation, I thought that I would be itching to get back into go. To my surprise, it is still taking me awhile to really get back into my routine. I’m still feeling a little apprehensive; but on the upside, I am starting to feel excited at the prospect of playing again! So, good news on that end!

In the past, I used to come off of these breaks with an intent on studying like there was no tomorrow. This time though, I intend on taking it one step at a time and really figuring out where my groove is with studying and playing. My goal is to become the strongest player I can possibly be. If these last couple years have taught me anything, it is that consistency is the best route to doing so. So I’m hoping that I can avoid burnout with this slower, but hopefully more solid approach.

I apologize for not having a Monday Go Meditation ready for this week, but it seems that it may be a little bit before I get that back up and running since I’m out of games that have good material for a review. Just more motivation for me to finally start playing ranked games on KGS again. =)