On a Losing Streak... But It's Not All Bad

So as some of you might have noticed, I’ve been playing a lot more games recently. However, it seems I am on a losing streak; but it’s not all bad since it means I’m back in experimental mode. My rank has even dropped down to 6k it seems, but this is partially due to the fact that I haven’t played enough ranked games where I actually have time to think. So I really don’t give much credence to my rank drop.

I know for most people, the losing streak plus rank drop is enough to go on a rampage and think about quitting the game. In actuality though, I have found it’s really important to focus on the cause of the loss instead of the loss itself. Perhaps it’s simple reading error? Or perhaps just a rigid approach to the game. Either way, I always find comfort knowing that I have the capability to make a change in my game if I choose. It’s just a matter of swallowing my pride and a willingness to overcome the obstacles that stand in my way.

On a separate note, I have kept true to my promise on sealing away the Chinese Opening. It has yet to make an appearance even though I am on a losing streak. However, I am not tempted in the slightest to bring it back out yet. After all, for those who read Hajime no Ippo, I feel like the Chinese Opening is kind of like my “Dempsey Roll.” I am quite skilled at utilizing it to great effectiveness; but there’s been so much study on it that I must seal it away for now. Once I patch up my other weaknesses though, I have a feeling that I will be able to unleash something fearsome when I finally break the seal on it.