Friday Go Forward: Week 34

Friday Go Forward: Week 34


The theme of this week seems to be “Revisions and Updates.” After attempting the aggressive tsumego regimen I had set last week, I realized that I was once again just starting to blow through problems instead of trying to practice reading variations. So it’s been changed again to try and find a better balance between quality and intensity. In addition, I am sad to report that I won’t be getting on Tygem any time soon since it seems that the resignation button causes the iPad app to crash all the time. It just really sucks because I enjoy Tygem as a server but their software is just SOOOO crappy. People might complain about KGS being outdated, but it generally works like a charm.

On a more progress-based note, getting a chance to finally see Go Seigen’s brilliance shine on the board has been incredibly eye-opening for me. It’s not so much that other professionals are not brilliant in their own way, but perhaps what I’m talking about is the fact that Go Seigen’s play constantly reminds players just how much freedom they really have on the board. Forget joseki or proper sequences, if you want to play somewhere else because you have a grand plan in mind. Go for it!

Otherwise though, it was a pretty productive week and I look forward to what challenges the next week has for me. Till next week!


  • KGS - 8 games
  • DGS - 2 ongoing games
  • Nova - 3 ongoing games

Daily Training

  • Life & Death Routine (Magic Baduk Go on iPhone)

    • 300 Beginner Problems
    • 50 Intermediate Problems
  • 30 Pages of Jump Level Up 2

  • 50 Problems from the Get Strong at Go Series.
  • Play or review at least one game per day.

Reading Material

  • Finished Commented Games by Lee Sedol - Volume 2.
  • Finished Get Strong at Invading.
  • Finished Jump Level Up 2.
  • Finished Get Strong at Tesuji.
  • Started and finished Master Play: The Style of Go Seigen.
  • Started and working on Jump Level Up 3.
  • Started and working on Get Strong at Endgame.
  • Started and working on_ __Perceiving the Direction of Play_.