Friday Go Forward: Week 38

Friday Go Forward: Week 38


Overall, this week has been a continuation of me just trying to figure out what kind of studying works best in the time I have. Though I am far from releasing a user guide of sorts, the one advice that I am sure will not change is this: Start small. Whether it’s only 5 minutes every day to sit down and do a couple tsumego or go over ten moves of a pro game, it will add up over time. That much I can promise you. =)

And by the way, the BadukTV English from GoGamGuru continues to impress me with how little I know even though I’m technically 3-4 kyu KGS. Even though I’m more than halfway through the “Becoming 5 Kyu” series, I am just flabbergated


  • KGS - 3 games
  • DGS - 3 ongoing games
  • Nova - 10+ games

Training Menu

  • 20 minutes of Reading Training (i.e., Life & Death, Tesuji, etc.)
  • 20 minutes of Go Theory Study (i.e., Joseki, Direction of Play, etc.)
  • 20 minutes of Experience Training (i.e., Play or review a game)

Reading Material

  • Worked on Otake’s Secrets of Strategy.
  • Worked on Jump Level Up 5.
  • Started working on Dictionary of Basic Joseki 1.

Video Lessons