Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween!!!

So over the last week or so, there has been quite a bit development in regards to exciting things like GoGameGuru releasing new affordable go equipment along with a bit of realization on my part on how to continue improving the blog. Out of all that thinking and such, I am happy to announce the following:

  1. Weekly Go Wednesdays (WGW) is coming back! - Although I love just rambling on about my thoughts and emotions, I’m sure that it would be appreciated if there were more go-related advice on this blog. As a result, I decided to bring back WGW. However, in order to prevent the series from going on hiatus again, I’m changing up the format to reflect an informal advice column as opposed to a structured and well edited articles (that are incredibly time consuming to produce). I’m hoping that you all will find this series to be a welcome addition back into the blog.

  2. Equipment Review Updates and Redesign! - I had talked about this a few times in the past, but it’s really happening this time around since I have purchased a ton of new products from GoGameGuru and want the review layout to be more useful. So be on the lookout for new reviews along with a new layout!

Hope you all have an awesome and fun Halloween!