Equipment Review: Glass Go Stones (Size 36)

Professional Standard Glass Go Stones (Size 36)

Description: “These size 36 glass Go stones offer a nice compromise between affordability and quality. They’re also the exact same make of stones used in most professional Go tournaments in Korea.” - GoGameGuru

Product Details

Title, Professional Standard Glass Go Stones (Size 36)
Product, Go Stones
Stones (Material), Glass
Stones (Size), Size 36 Biconvex (0.36 in. thickness)
Product Dimensions, 2.2 in. x 1.04 in. (width x height)
Weight, 0.1 lbs.
Vendor, GoGameGuru


What’s the best aspect about this product?

  • Gives a similar feeling of slate stones without the hefty price tag.
    What is the weakest aspect of this product?

  • Though this is to be expected of someone who started out using yunzi stones, I found them to be a little slippery at first. However, it didn’t take long before I acclimated to the stones and had no trouble using them.
    Is it durable?

  • Based on my usage so far, I see no reason why they wouldn’t last a lifetime if used properly. Doesn’t seem like it would chip easily.
    Bottom Line

  1. Easy to clean and a pleasure to use.
  2. If you like stones that are glossy and shine in the light, this is a great set for you.
  3. For those who are not yet able to afford a set of slate and shell stones, this is a great set that gives a similar feel (i.e., smooth) and look (i.e., glossiness) without the hefty price tag.

My Review

In my go collection, I’ve owned my fair share of different types of stones: yunzi, slate and shell, and plastic. The funny thing is that glass stones have always been relatively inexpensive to some of the stones I have bought; but no longer, that ends with this set!

The go stones nicely packaged in a Baduk Brother box.

You can see the stones packed all snuggly in there.

As you can see, there is a bag of extra stones. My count came to 180 Black and 179 White stones along with 10 extra of each color.]

I decided to give them a wash before using them, and this is a shot of them right after they were out of the water.

The cleaning and drying process was pretty straight-forward. I ran them through water and then dried them with a soft towel afterwards.

And here they are in all their beauty!

As someone who started out using yunzi stones, I was a bit surprised at how slippery it was when I first started using it. Stones would slip out of my fingers constantly. However, after a bit of patience and realizing I couldn’t grip them with the same force I normally gripped yunzi stones, it came a lot easier and they did not fall out nearly as often.

At the end of the day, this is a beautiful set that any player would be delighted to have if they are looking for stones with a glossy finish that shine in the light. Highly recommended and as always, let me know if you have any questions about the set!

Where Can I Buy It?

  • GoGameGuru - $57.00 (shipping and handling not included)

Last Updated on January 7th, 2014