Taking This Slump Head On

The first thing I want to write is that I really appreciate the numerous words of support that have been flooding in. It’s been great to hear from everyone and to hear everyone’s perspectives on things. In addition, the feedback has helped reassure me that my return to the more journalistic-type blogging was the correct choice.

I’m not feeling much better today. In fact, in a number of ways I’m feeling worse due to other things happening in life. However, the one thing I wanted to write about were my thoughts on how I’ve been dealing with this time of turmoil and downfall.

As most of you suggested, taking a break is certainly one of the most viable options out there. However, there are three reasons why I am taking the high road on this one:

  1. Yunguseng Dojang is still a going on (weekly) and the matches will not be stopping just because I’m in a slump.
  2. Most players I know approach this by taking a break, but I haven’t heard of anyone try to muscle through it instead and be successful.
  3. I feel a strong determination to try and see this through to the end so I can find out whether or not I’m delusional or not.
    Of course, I recognize that my method has a risk of extreme/permanent burnout since I’m already at a low point; but in case you don’t know this about me, I’m quite the risk taker when it comes to these kinds of challenges. So I’m going to take this slump head on, regardless of what obstacles await me.

And paraphrasing from the new wallpaper on my phone:

When things get tough, remember you are tougher.