Monday Go Meditation: Game 63

For this week, I’ve decided to honor a request made by my friend Rob who asked that I review the game that was the cause for my post on being confused. Though I haven’t been commenting on games from YSD, I’ve decided to make an exception for this one.

Just to note though, any specific insight that was taught by Inseong is withheld from the commentary in order to respect other member’s paid memberships. So while I will comment on what I understood on my own, any specific details will be omitted in this review. Hope you enjoy this review!

One Point Lesson

Even when you are just about to win the game, the slightest misstep could mean utter defeat if you are not careful.

Game Summary

1,Opening,Move 39 - This move is the only one I’m “proud” of since it took full advantage of White’s mistake in this joseki.,Move 19 and 29 - Both these moves were bad since I was unable to punish White for his mistake in the joseki.
2,Attack and Defense,Move 97 - Recognizing that my group was in trouble and defending it was a rather proud moment since I might have normally left it alone.,Move 19 and 29 - These moves are worth mentioning again since they were missed opportunities to attack White early on.
3,Shape,Move 65 - Getting this shape point allowed me the chance to start gaining the upper hand in this game.,”Move 95 - Though it looks like good shape here, I consider this a bad move since the shape gave me little value on the board as a whole.”
4,Strategy,Move 53 - Trying to remove White’s base in order to attack White seems to be a key moment to why I was able to gain an advantage in the game., Move 93–95 - Continuing to try and kill it in such a direct manner however was a mistake.
5,Overall Reading,Move 271 - Being able to calmly choose the correct move instead of the automatic move I might have made normally was another proud moment.,Move 111 - Connecting here out of fear still shows the immaturity of my reading.
6,Endgame,Move 143 - Recognizing that I could start the endgame since I was ahead was something I was unable to do before.,Move 237 - Defending directly here was a mistake that gave White three extra points.