Monday Go Meditation: Game 64

Contrary to what I said last week, this week’s Monday Go Meditation features my Yunguseng Dojang game from last week. The reason for this is two-fold: (1) I didn’t play any other games over the past two weeks and (2) I’m still trying to keep MGM as current as possible.

As I mentioned before, I was feeling rather iffy before this game. My opponent was around 4–5k in strenghth, and with my ups and downs lately, I wasn’t so sure that I could even beat him. But before I could wallow too much in my own insecurities, the game started.

Note: Similar to the other YSD match I posted last week, any specific things I learned from the review will be omitted in this game to respect other members’ paid membership.

One Point Lesson

When playing a moyo vs moyo game, don’t get caught up in small gains (like taking a corner) when big points like an opponent’s corner enclosure on a double winged formation are available on the board.

Game Summary

1,Opening,Move 10 - This is not so much a good move as it is a move I’m proud of because it showed kiai on my part to be willing to compete with Black on a moyo game.,”Move 18 - Though this moved seemed nice at the time, it was not very effective in terms of the whole board.”
2,Attack and Defense,Move 44 - The fact that I was able to take a step back to defend my group first before overextending my attack was a sign of progress for me.,Move 72 - Trying to invade to attack the Black group was a bad attack.
3,Shape,Move 162 - Recognizing this clamp instantly was a nice moment for me since it meant I was increasing my repertoire of techniques to use.,Move 108 - This doesn’t really defend my corner and makes bad shape.
4,Strategy,Move 148 - Sacrificing my four stones to push and cut here is one of the key moves that allowed me to secure my win.,Move 62 - This peep and following sequence to take the corner was too small strategically.
5,Overall Reading,Move 208 - Reading out Black’s subsequent atari and seeing how it played out was a pretty big moment for me even though I missed the killing move at the end.,Move 82 - The following sequence was just awful for me. Complete misread.
6,Endgame,”Move 120 - Though this move was an overplay, the idea of taking sente instead of responding to Black was good.”,Move 86 - Blocking here instead of defending my bottom group nearly allowed my opponent to reverse the game in his favor.