Weekly Progress Report: #05


As predicted, I really am in the thick of things this week. In the midst of all this work though, I’ve managed to barely cling on to my training regimen (though it was rather difficult to do as each day went on). I’m currently testing different things to make the training more consistent (i.e., getting it done first thing in the morning). I’ll let you know when I discover my own magical formula for it.

Otherwise, I’m working hard on the blog content and will definitely be releasing book reviews by Sunday. For those wondering why it’s taking me a little while, I’m actually trying to update the format of the book reviews to something more substantial and useful. I’m hoping you guys will like the new changes.

With that said, I hope you guys had a great week. See you guys next week!

Daily Training Regimen

  • Complete 4 pages of problems (approximately 15-20 problems) from Jump Level Up.
  • Playing at least one game a day (which usually defaults to a 9x9 game on GoQuest).


  • Jump Level Up 2 by Baduktopia
  • This is Hanegma by Kim Sung-rae
  • 100 Tips for Amateur Players I by Youngsun Yoon
  • Handicap-Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Opening by by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich