Weekly Progress Report: #09


As the weeks have piled on, it’s only to be expected that I would eventually hit a burnout period of some sort. This week seemed to show signs of it, but I’ve managed to weather the storm for the most part. My training regimen hasn’t been impacted at all, but I’m afraid that Monday Go Meditation will have to be on break next week.

Due to copious amounts of work, I did not manage to meet my goal of finishing _Handicap Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Openin_g last week. So I’ll be extending the same goal into next week. Here’s to hoping I have better luck this time.

Daily Training Regimen

  • Work on Jump Level Up series.
  • Playing one 9x9 game on GoQuest.
  • Solve/Practice 100 easy problems from MagicBaduk.
  • Solve/Practice 10 hard problems from MagicBaduk.


  • Jump Level Up 3 by Baduktopia
  • _Handicap-Go Strategy and the Sanrensei Opening _by by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich


  • KGS - 0 games
  • OGS - 4 ongoing games