Weekly Progress Report: #13


After much thought, I’ve decided to bring back weekly progress reports since they provide some insight into what I’ve been up to. And while I used to use the Friday Go Forward series format in order to provide updates, that proved to be difficult since Friday is often very hectic and a lot can happen between Friday and Saturday. So these will now be released on Sunday for more comprehensive coverage of last week.

And as always, feedback from you is always great since it will help me to improve this report’s usefuless for everyone. So don’t hesitate to request anything!

Daily Training Regimen

  • 6 Tsumego from Tsumego Pro’s Daily Problem Set
  • 40 Tsumego
    • 25 Easy
    • 10 Intermediate
    • 5 Hard


  • Relentless: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li by GoGameGuru
  • Pure and Simple: Takao’s Astute Use of Brute Force by Takao Shinji