Return to Tengen

It’s been well over fifteen months, but it seems it was time for me to come back from the abyss. And I have to say, it feels good to be back.

First Things First

I wanted to start by apologizing for leaving the blog in the state that it was before I left. In my previous attempt to leave the WordPress ecosystem, I ended up breaking a lot of old functionality and caused a bit of a mess. I’m not quite sure how I’ll be going about fixing it at this time, but know that it’s a priority of mine to do so in the coming months.

Why I’m Back

To be honest, I’ve always been keeping an eye on the go world from afar. So it never really left my mind, but part of me always wondered when it would be time to return to the game.

For all those who have read my blog and commented while I was gone, thank you for those little reminders of how much I enjoyed running this blog. Each question and comment certainly helped to slowly pull me back.

That said, I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was seeing the announcement for Go Congress 2018. As it just so happens, it’s happening pretty close to where I live. So I couldn’t help but look back at my old Go Congress posts and it brought back a wave of nostalgia that made me consider whether I would try to attend it this year.

As you might guess, I’m most likely going to be attending it this year. Haha.

Final Thoughts

My plan for now is to start fixing the infrastructure that made it difficult for me to blog at the time of the redesign. I’ll try to and post as often as I can, but until the infrastructure is fixed, I know that will serve as a pretty major impediment for me.

Until then, hope everyone has been well and I look forward to talking and playing with you all again! And if you have any pressing features that you think I should fix sooner rather than later, please let me know!