Weekly Progress Report: #15


I have to say that if you asked me two weeks ago whether or not I’d be in the midst of getting the go blog back and running, I would have told you that you were crazy because I was in the middle of five other things. Nonetheless, here we are and I’m very happy to be back in the thick of things.

This week has been focused on simply getting reacquainted with everything again. That means figuring out the apps I’m using to train, books to read, styles to study, trends I missed, and other things as well. That said, it’s been wonderful seeing familiar faces in the community again and I can’t wait to settle into another step towards gaining that next stone.

Training Regimen

  • Review a professional game every one to two days
  • Practice about 20-30 basic / easy go problems every day
  • Studying with []


  • OGS - 3 ongoing games

Currently Reading

  • Commented Games by Lee Sedol, Vol. 3 by Lee Sedol 9P and Lee Sena
  • Positional Judgment by Cho-Chikun 9P


  • With the incredible development in AI, it’s fascinating to see the entire world of go now being thrown into a new exploration of creativity as things once deemed “bad moves” are now being seen in a new light.