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Embark on a near impossible journey with me, a recent college graduate with no background of Go, who will quest to become a professional Go player before the age of 30. Here you will find all of the steps I take, my mistakes, my successes, reviews of books and equipment, along with any advice I can pass on. Good luck to all my fellow Go players. May we meet across the board someday.

My Rank Graph

KGS rank graph for BenGoZen Not very accurate anymore since I stopped playing ranked games…

If you’d like to play go with me, you can find me on my screenname (bengozen) at the following servers:

  • Kiseido Go Server (KGS)
  • Dragon Go Server (DGS)
  • Nova Go Server (NGS)
  • Tygem
  • Kaya
  • WBaduk
  • GoShrine
  • IGS-PandaNet
  • Online-Go

I’m primarily on KGS, DGS, and NGS; but I’m open to playing on other servers if you would like to play with me! In addition, I’m happy to announce that I have joined GoTeachingLadder as an official reviewer and will be happy to review your games!

You can also find me on Twitter and YouTube!