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Equipment Review: Dirt Cheap Go Set

The Dirt Cheap Go Set

Description: “Are you looking for an affordable Go set? Look no further. The Dirt Cheap Go Set is a complete, full size Go game set at an unbeatable price! Each set includes one foldable 19x19 plastic Go board, 180 Go stones of each color (black and white) and two plastic Go bowls. Because the board can be folded and sealed tightly inside one of the bowls (with the stones) this set is also compact and portable.” - GoGameGuru

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Equipment Review: Slate and Shell Sample

Slate and Shell Go Stones - Sample Pack - Size 36 Biconvex

Description: “This is a sample pack of our size 36 slate and shell Go stones, which are among the highest quality Go stones available. It contains three black stones and three white stones. Size 36 refers to the thickness of the stone (in this case 10.4 mm or 0.41 inches). The additional thickness and weight of these stones gives them a pleasant feeling in your hand and produces a sharp and satisfying snapping sound when the stones are played.” - GoGameGuru

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Equipment Review: Featherweight Go Set

The Featherweight Go Set

Description: “Weighing in at just 20.5 oz (580 g), the Featherweight Go Set is even lighter than your average travel Go set. But here’s the thing; it’s a proper, full sized Go board with stones. It includes size 21 plastic stones (0.3 inches or 8 mm thick) with a 0.8 inch (20 mm) diameter and a durable, full size, crease resistant 19x19 plastic Go board. The board can easily be folded or rolled, making this set highly portable. Keep a set in your bag or briefcase so that you’re always ready for a serendipitous game of Go!” - GoGameGuru

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Equipment Review: Leather Goban

Leather Goban

Description: If one ever had the notion that wood boards were too cumbersome to carry around or a pain to store away, AmbyR00 has made a beautiful leather goban that is sure to please any go enthusiast looking for a lightweight go board that is really sturdy! And to top it off, it’s environmentally friendly because it is made from excess leather from shoe and bag factories, compressed into sheets!

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Equipment Review: Folding Go Board

Folding Go Board

Description: When it comes to go on the go (yes that just happened), this folding go board from GoGameGuru really does seem to hit the sweet spot between portability, quality, and price. It utilizes a hinge mechanism to keep the go board in one piece and even has a Chinese chess board on the reverse side! Recommended stone size are 21 or 22. It fits other stones, but it’s a bit snug. Highly recommended!

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Equipment Review: The Go Bento Box

Go Game Set Bento Box

Description: The “Go Game Set Bento Box” this is perhaps the first product I’ve seen that aims to provide players with a portable set of go stones that are not cheap plastic stones. Not only do they pack away very well and are easy to carry, but the stones are also a respectable size and material that should delight any go player who wants a portable set of stones!

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Equipment Review: Traveling Go Set

Traveling Go Set with Magnetic Playing Pieces

Over­all Rat­ing: 7 / 10 Ponnuki


  • Easily fits into just about any bag (except for purses possibly).
  • This is about as small as a portable 19x19 go set gets, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to find anything smaller than this set.
  • Fantastic value for the price you pay.

Prod­uct Details

  • Carrying case measures 11-7/8”L x 6-3/8”W x 1-3/8”H (30.4cm x 16cm x 3.5cm).
  • Board measures 11” x 10-3/4” (27.3cm x 28cm).
  • Stones measure 4mm tall and 13mm wide (aprox. 1/8” x 1/2”).
  • There are 180 white and 181 black stones.

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