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Sensei’s Library

This is the ultimate “Wikipedia” of go. If you have any curiosity regarding the game, this is the place to start looking. While the layout and presentation may seem a little outdated, I assure you that the quality of information is top notch and worth your time.


I’ve been a long time follow of GoGameGuru and have found that it fills a much needed void in Western Go. Since most of us don’t have the opportunity or ability (e.g., language barriers) to keep up with the professional circuit, GoGameGuru does a fantastic job of keeping you up to date with the important matches along with game records and sometimes even commentary!

Kaz’s Igo Advice

Although this could be technically placed in the blog section, the posts and advice he has is extremely insightful and should be considered as articles instead of blog posts. To my dismay, he still is not available for teaching quite yet; but until he is, be sure to check this out since I’m sure that you will find something of interest in here.

Tel’s Go Notes

Although there are no longer any updates for this site, this is a fantastic read for people regarding some of the aspects of game that you may never have considered. An example include questions such as: Why are territory points better than capture points? A fantastic resource for beginners looking to have things explained to them in laymen terms.

Go Associations

American Go Association

For those of us who live in the United States, this is definitely your first stop resource for finding clubs near you and anything go related in the U.S.!

American Go Foundation

This is another go organization in the U.S. that is another one that you should check out if you live in the U.S.!


Baduk Reddit

I’m a little sad it took me so long to discover that Reddit had a Baduk section, but no matter, you know now too and can enjoy!

Life in 19x19

This was the first go forum that I ever stumbled upon, and is probably the most popular one out there. Definitely bookmark this one for anytime you want to see what the go community thinks about any topic you can think of. People are pretty friendly, so don’t be afraid to post any question you have!


This is a great forum that seems to be geared more towards the younger crowd. Don’t let this fool you though! There is plenty of great information on here and entertaining comics that deserve a visit every now and then!

If you have any suggestions of additional sites that you think have been helpful, please let me know so I can check it out and add it to the list!