Friday Go Forward: Week 57


Man. I really fell off the wagon this week in terms of my training regimen. I was super disciplined about my reading training a couple of weeks ago, but I really got bum rushed with other priorities in life and just couldn’t do the regimen properly. The only thing that is redeeming about this week is that I was able to practice problems here and there, but just not in one session the way I might have preferred.

In addition, the silver lining of it all is that I’ve been much more involved with my game reviews and trying to really improve upon them. In case you missed it, this week there were two game reviews that were released (MGM 50 and Jubango Game 3). And oy vey did they take a long time to do! Regardless, I would like to think that it will be valuable to my own growth and journey.

Finally, I’ve started digging into the lectures on Yunguseng Dojang and really have loved what I have been able to watch so far. I can only imagine what it will be like when I’m actually participating in the reviews and having my own games reviewed. So excited for the season to start!

Training Regimen

  • Currently on pause at the moment. Will hopefully have an update next week.


  • KGS - 5 games
  • IGS - 4 games
  • DGS - 5 ongoing games
  • OGS - 3 ongoing games


  • N/A