Monday Go Meditation: Game 66

As the weeks have passed, one of the major factors in me starting to play go again has been the numerous friends who have been kind enough to take time out of their day and ask me to play. Just like last week’s MGM, this week’s MGM features teafree. It’s an exciting one that is chocked full of ko battles and exciting exchanges. I hope that it keeps you on the edge of your seat as we navigate through the treacherous waters of this kifu! Enjoy!

One Point Lesson

When involved in a ko fight, you must give serious consideration to each threat your opponent makes and determine whether it is worth it for you to respond.

Game Summary

1,Opening, Move 40 - I like this move since it was dual purpose as reinforcement and an extension.,”Move 10 - Though some might say that White ended up okay, I really did not like the result for White.”
2,Attack and Defense, Nothing worth mentioning., Move 22 - Neglecting my corner for this pincer is questionable.
3,Shape, N/A, Move 251 - I did not anticipate the ko shape here.
4,Strategy, Move 146 - I was proud of being able to switch strategies once I realized my mistake., Move 92 - This was too greedy on my part and helped Black more than White.
5,Overall Reading, Move 60 - Being able to discern this move out during the game gave me the advantage early on., Move 210 - Should have realized Black was already dead.
6,Endgame, Move 262-264 - This was a nice sequence to capture a bigger corner., Move 286 - This was a useless connection.